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Entrevista a Alfonso Blanco en Variety con motivo de la premiere de 'Auga seca'

Con ocasión del estreno mundial en el MIPCOM de Cannes de nuestra serie 'Auga seca', John Hopewell entrevistó a Alfonso Blanco para conocer todos los detalles de esta coproducción entre Portocabo y SPi (Portugal) para Televisión de Galicia y RTP, cuyos derechos distribuye internacionalmente DCD Rights.

MADRID  —  “Dry Water” starts with a steadily advancing aerial shot of Lisbon, then its iconic squares, next cuts to stables used to fence firearms, then to Teresa, as she mounts her motorbike to pick up younger brother Paulo, whom she dotes on, at Lisbon’s extraordinarily modern central railway station.

After they meet their mother, cut to another aerial shot, of Spain’s Vigo, part of Galicia and another port city, in brilliant sunshine, its Atlantic ocean a deep blue.

Paulo returns to Vigo, where he works for his godfather, Mauro, in his shipping business down at the port. The next day he’s found dead with a shot to the head. Neither the investigating police officer, the soon to retire Viñas, nor Teresa, think it’s suicide.

Mostly unspooling in Vigo, in geographic terms, “Dry Water” lies off the beaten track, a virtue Spanish producer Portocabo, based in Galicia’s A Coruña, exploited to spectacular results in prior crime thriller “Hierro,” set on the Canary Island of that name, which launched in June as Movistar+’s 15th Original Series to become its most-watched ever over its first 80 days of release.

In industrial terms, however, “Dry Water,” which is sold by London-based DCD Rights, may be all the more extraordinary: the first partnership between TVG and RTP, Galicia and Portugal’s public broadcasters, in which a series’ producers retain IP, dangling before the TV stations the possibility of territorial rights to a local series which is high-end in budget and production values, and sits somewhere between free-to-air and premium pay in its registers.

Part of the charm of “Dry Water” is its lack of premium TV hard-boiled frenzy. There’s enough time to take in Lisbon below her as Teresa mounts her bike. But it plumbs the same core issues -family, human moral complexity . as much pay TV scripted. Variety talked to Alfonso Blanco, “Dry Water” creator riding high after “Hierro,” now renewed for Season 2, about his Mipcom Market Screening.

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