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ADN galego

Genre: Docu-Reality

Length: 60’​


Episodes: 28


Season: 2


Year: 2017


Language: Galician


Country: Spain​


Broadcast: Televisión de Galicia


Direction: Raúl Bartolomé


Executive production: Alfonso Blanco, Pepe



Editorial Coordination: Matías Tarrío


Writing: Olalla Vaamonde, Noa Rodríguez,

Paula Dopico


Locution: Aida Bao


Music: Xavi Font


Production management: Ana Míguez, Luis Miguel Fernández


Camera: Sito Torres


Sound: Roberto C. Godoy


Graphics: I Do Visual


Editing: Sandra Sánchez, Vanesa Amoedo



In this format, we travel all across Spain to tell the stories of proud Galicians who live and work in other parts of the country.

The protagonists are men and women of all ages, including normal people and famous faces in a variety of urban and rural settings. Some have been living in their adopted homes for many years, while others have only just moved. They show us authentic places and local customs and tell us more about their lives, their jobs, their families, what brought them there, what made them stay, what their new land has given them and what Galicia has to offer the world. The viewers see the country through the eyes of our protagonists, offering a completely different perspective to what a tourist or occasional traveller might see.

Each episode of ADN Galego also looks at the mark that Galicians have left on various parts of the world and the social impact they have had over the years.

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