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Genre: Thriller

Original format: ‘Kvodo’ (YES Israel)​


Episodes: 8​


Running time: 50’


Seasons: 1


Year: 2023​


Language: Spanish


Production companies: Portocabo​


Broadcast: Atresmedia


Executive production: Alfonso Blanco and Montse García


Direction: Luis Prieto y Chiqui Carabante


Production management: Onil Ganguly


Script: Samuel Pinazo, Roberto G. Méndez, Nina Hernández, Carlota Dans, Isa Sánchez and Daniel Martín.


Music: Zeltia Montes


Cast: Dario Grandinetti, Paco Márquez, María Morales, Mercedes León, José Luis García-Perez, Mara Guil, Emilio Palacios, Amin Hamada, Joaquín Nuñez, Cecilia Gómez, José Ramón Serra, Carmen Daza, Victoria Mora and Patricia Ross.


DOP: Alejandro Espadero


Art direction: Jero Bono​


Costume design: Eva Camino​


Make up and hairdresser: Anabel Beato


Sound: Jorge Marín​


Editing: Lourdes Rodríguez and Vanesa García


Post production coordination: David Mosquera


Martin Romero is a judge in Seville, an honorable man with unquestionable moral principles. Havoc wreaks loose when his son Alex is involved in an accident, Alex tries unsuccessfully to call for help, but when he sees the injured bike rider die in front of his eyes he panics, fleeing from the scene. Romero, understanding his son’s error, knows he must hand him over to the police. It’s not easy for Romero, he knows what his son is in for. But everything changes when he discovers that the victim is Hugo Aguilar, the youngest son of Vicente Aguilar, one of the most dangerous men in the city. Fearing for his son’s life, Romero decides to erase any trace of the accident and lie about what happened. And so begins a journey that will force him to give up everything in order to protect his son.

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