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La Revoltosa

Genre: Comedia


Running time: 55’​


Episodes: 13+13


Seasons: 2


Year: 2010-2011


Language: Spanish


Coproduction: Galicia – Canarias​


Producer companies: Doblediez & Portocabo


Broadcast: Televisión Canaria


Distribution: Lagardère Studios Distribution


Direction: Ramón Rodríguez, Toño López


Executive production: Alfonso Blanco, Santiago Falcón


Created by: Santi Falcón, Ramón Rodríguez


Script: Ramón Rodríguez


Music: Fernando Ortí Salvador


Cast: Manolo Vieira, Eloísa González, Nieves Bravo, Yanely Hernández, Chema Pantín, Javier Peñapinto, Lily Quintana


Production management: Nayra Alonso​


DOP: Carlos Vilas


Art direction: Curru Garabal


Costume design: Beatriz García, Isabel García, Belinda Godoy


Makeup and hairdresser: May Martín, Gara Bolaños, Lourdes García


Sound: Ulises Morales


Editing: Toño López



One house, two families and an inheritance nightmare. La Revoltosa is a sitcom about widowed businessman, Manolo Báez, whose daughter Ana has just got back from Germany with a new boyfriend, Luis. Her boyfriend lives with his grandmother, Edelmira, who has recently lost her husband. As soon as Ana returns from abroad, her boyfriend’s mother Isabel is visited by a woman, Rosa, who claims to be her half-sister. She wants to fulfil their father’s dying wish: to have his ashes scattered at the foot of the avocado tree in the patio of La Revoltosa. However, what Rosa really wants is to search for Raymundo’s will and claim what is rightfully hers. The plot thickens… 

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