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Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 13 + 24


Running time: 25’


Seasons: 2


Year: 2013-2015


Language: Galician


​Country: Spain


Broadcast: Televisión de Galicia


Direction: Jorge Coira, Toño López


​Executive Production: Alfonso Blanco


Created by: Alfonso Blanco, Pepe Coira, Araceli

Gonda and Jorge Coira


Script: Pepe Coira, Araceli Gonda, Jorge Coira, Puri Seixido, Francisco Carballal, Enrique Lojo, Sandra Rellán, Daniel D. García, Daniela Arias-Andreu, Sara Gómez Iglesias


Music: Santi Jul, Iván Laxe


Cast: Nuncy Valcárcel, Eva Fernández, Darío Loureiro, Víctor Mosqueira, Santi Prego, Débora Vukusic, María Costas, Ricardo de Barreiro, Antonio Durán "Morris“


​Production management: Enrique Fernández-Xesta


​DOP: Jaime Pérez


Costume design: Saturna


Makeup and hairdresser: Natalia Arcay


​Art direction: Ortiz


​Sound: Juan Gay


Editing: Vanessa García, Sandra Sánchez and Toño López



Luci is just an ordinary woman. She is thirty seven, works as a gardener for the City’s Parks and Gardens Maintenance Company, lives in a mortgaged flat, has a son, an ex husband and a sister, who she talks to on the phone every day. Luci is a fighter, a go getter. She can stand up to Life’s setbacks and pick out the positive bits from bad experiences: her separation, her son’s not so good academic achievements, adapting to a new boss, how to start dating again once you’ve lost the feel for it.... She’s bright, a good person, and friend… but you better not get her cross. She gets over it easily enough and can accept with humour that she might have been wrong or she got carried away. She knows that neither life nor she are perfect. And thankfully so, because the World would be a pretty boring place.

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