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Manuel Quiroga

Genre: Documentary

Running time: 55’​


Format: full-length film


Year: 2014​


Language: Gallego


Country: España​


Broadcast: Filmin

Direction: Sandra Sánchez

Executive production: Alfonso Blanco, Pepe Coira


Created by: Pablo Silva, Daniela Arias-Andreu


Script: Sandra Sánchez, Daniela Arias-Andreu,

Pepe Coira, Pablo Silva


Narration: Milagros Bará Viñas


Quiroga Voice: Manuel Cortés


Sound: Roi Gil


Editing: Sandra Sánchez



On 8 June 1937, a pedestrian was hit by a car on Times Square. The driver fled the scene. The victim was Manuel Quiroga, an illustrious violinist from Pontevedra who was presenting his compositions in the US. The tour would take him all over the country, something he would do several times over the course of his career. Lauded as one of the greatest violinists of his era, Quiroga had been living with fame and recognition for quite some time. He was at the peak of his career. But this incident – seemingly trivial at first – would have an irreversible effect, triggering a personal and professional decline that ultimately got the better of him, banishing him to the realm of forgotten artists.

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