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Miracle Tunes

Genre: Live Action infantil


Running time: 24’


Episodes: 26+26


Season: 2


Year: 2018


Language: Spanish, Italian


Coproduction: Spain – Italy – Switzerland


Producer companies: Portocabo / ShowLab / Blasteem / Mediaset / Kamca Group

Broadcast: Boing (ESP), Boing (IT), Mediaset (ESP), Mediaset (IT)​


Distribution: Showlab

Direction: Roberto Cenzi, Toño López


Executive production: Alfonso Blanco, Gianclaudio Innocenzi


Created by: Based on Japanese series ‘Miracle Tunes’.

Script: José Rubio


Music: Gianluca Giorgi


Cast: Giulia Sara Salemi, Emily Shaqiri, Jasmine Roberta Molinaro


DOP: Gabo Guerra, Quim Miquel


Art Direction: Jerónimo Bono

Costume design: Victoria Jara


Makeup and hairdresser: Aurora Asunción, Jaume Polo, Julia Viciano


Sound: Cinemar 

Editing: Fabrizio Parisi



Emily is a successful pop star and, thanks to the team at Raspberry Music, the record label behind her greatest hits, her solo days are over. She is joined by Jasmine and Julie, forming a new group called “Miracle Miracle”. And Emily, Jasmine and Julie don’t just sing and dance – they are also the “Miracle Tunes”, a fighting trio who use their magical powers to take down bad guys and rid the world of negativity. They have a special connection to the Music Kingdom, a magical place where the Goddess of Music watches over the Sound Jewels needed to keep music alive. But the Kingdom of Music is in danger! The evil Demon King has stolen some of the Sound Jewels and transformed them into evil weapons capable of spreading evil and negative vibes throughout the world. The Demon King isn’t alone – he has links to the human world through the Doku Doku Dan. With the help of the Goddess of Music and her magic, the Miracle Tunes secretly fight to recover the Sound Jewels stolen by the Demon King. But the Miracle Tunes have to hurry – with every minute that passes, evil gets closer to victory and the world of music slips closer to extinction.


Miracle Tunes is an ode to the power of music and its ability to overcome all negativity, combining music, dance, futuristic aesthetics and empowerment for a younger audience.
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