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O país máis grande do mundo

Genre: Talk Show

Running time: 60’


Episodes: 28


Seasons: 2


Year: 2017


Language: Galician

Country: Spain

Broadcast: Televisión de Galicia


Direction: Raúl Bartolomé


Executive production: Alfonso Blanco, Pepe Coira


Writing coordination: Matías Tarrío

Writing: Olalla Vaamonde, Noa Rodríguez,

Paula Dopico


Locution: Aida Bao


Music: Xavi Font

Production management: Ana Míguez, Luis


Miguel Fernández


Camera: Sito Torres


Sound: Roberto C. Godoy


Graphics: I Do Visual


Editing: Sandra Sánchez, Vanesa Amoedo



O país máis grande do mundo is a talk show hosted by Rodrigo Vázquez alongside Aida Bao, Elena Mareque and Olalla Vaamonde. Together they scour the planet in search of people to feature in the programme. The guests explain what it is like to live far away from Galicia. With a number of different features such as The Letter, The Photograph and The Surprise, we find out more about our guests, their experiences and families. We also drop in on family reunions, where generations of descendants can finally experience the things they have only ever heard in stories told by their elders.

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