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Oh Happy Day

Genre: Talent Show

Running time: 90’


Episodes: 10


Seasons: 1


Year: 2015


Language: Galego


Country: España


Broadcast: Televisión de Galicia


Direction: Mónica Ares


Executive production: Alfonso Blanco


Host: Rodrigo Vázquez


Jury: Eva Perales, Najla Shami, Ramón Bermejo

Writing coordination: Matías Tarrío, Raúl Bartolomé

Writing: Olalla Vaamonde, Patricia Lamas

Music: Xavi Font


Production management: Ana Míguez


Costume: Saturna



Oh Happy Day is a music competition for vocal groups and choirs. The contestants have to perform songs to impress the jury and avoid being eliminated.


Oh Happy Day features well-known songs from a wide range of musical styles such as pop, soul, rock, gospel and folk. After making it through a series of gruelling auditions and eliminations, the three finalists ultimately compete for the title in the grand finale.

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