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The Avatars

Genre: Youth comedy

Running time: 23’​


Episodes: 52


Seasons: 1


Year: 2013


Language: English


Coproduction: Spain - Italy​


Producer companies: Portocabo / Fly Distribuzione TV / Brave Film / Boomerang TV


Broadcast: TVE-Clan (ESP), RAI (IT), Disney Italia (IT), KiKA (DE), ITV (UK), Galavisión (EEUU), Gloob (BR), Megamax-AMC Int. (HU, RO, MD, CZ, SK), Teletoon+ (PL), Cool TV (NG), SABC3



Distribution: Lagardere Studios Distribution​


Direction: Luis Santamaría, Toño López


Executive production: Alfonso Blanco, Alberto Sammarco​


Created by: Marco Renzi, Ugo Ripamonti, Renato Sannio


Script: Kate King, Marco Renzi, Ugo Ripamonti, Renato Sannio


Music: Xavi Font


Cast: Malcom Xavier, Benjamin Nathan-Serio, Tyler Young


Production management: Pablo Alejos


DOP: Gustavo Gala


Art direction: Zaida Jiménez


Costume design: Saturna


Make-up and hairdresser: Paco López, Patricia Moreno


Sound: Carlos Moreno, Roberto Cáceres


Editing: Rogelio González-Abraldes


Three teenage boys, united by their love of music, dream of becoming world-famous rock stars. Unfortunately, the boys are repeatedly rejected by record companies, because they think they're still too young. Everything changes when J.P's sister, Lou comes up with the idea of creating a virtual group: The Avatars. Thanks to the Internet and the kids' talent, the group quickly becomes popular; but, the boys cannot reveal their true identity and are forced to lead a double life.

This teen sitcom shows how your dreams can come true if you don’t give up. The hit series was filmed in English with American actors in Madrid.

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